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Because of you

Because of you

I am stronger

Because of you

I am fierce

Because of you

I smile brighter

Because of you

I fell in love

Remember the times

Remember the days

All the things we used to share

You were part of a bigger picture

That melts me deep inside my inner structure

Because of you

I stand to be

The greatest person I’d always be

Because of you

I’ll always love the person you are, will and forever be…



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Every feeling

The moment I met you I have thought you were the one

the moments we shared were more than just an ounce of my love

I stare at myself in the mirror to see a broken heart

I look at the face of the one I have loved and wondered about the things

the things that I should have done right

I take a look at my life and I see it all pass by

I create the sense of that feeling

not because I want it but because everyday I miss it

its hard for me to express the feeling that I have for you

so I write this letter

Every moment, every laughter, every time

when I think about us I think about what should have,

could have, would have been.

It breaks my heart, it breaks my soul, the happy

person I once were will no longer be

because of the pain of every feeling that has every entered

this living being, that captures that essential feeling of love

is now and never will ever be in this persons grasp,

sad to say there are few, who will be happy, but I am not one of them.

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The right time

There was a time when I thought love was real

There was a time when I thought I would just give up

There are times when all I can do is cry

because we were hurt,

because we were burned

There many things in life that we should be thankful for

one of them are the lessons

the lessons we have been taught

every life, every moment, everyday

We take it, we believe, we love, and we spend everyday

regretting, when all we have to do is appreciate

we create a hole, we create a misery, when there are more things

we could be doing

The right time,

we never know when that is

so fly, sore and laugh like you have never laugh

find out emotions that you have never found

and just cherish one bit of every moment of every time

of everything.



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Second Chance

I have opened myself to love ones again but it did not turn out the way it should have

I try to forget the hurt but it hard

The pain that he has put me through was the epiphany of my own agony 

I couldn’t I wouldn’t I shouldn’t I can’t grasp it all

I cried and cried until I could feel nothing

I try to anguish and exterminate the pain that you have put me through

Every second chance every word, every apology you have made was all a lie

You never were once sorry for anything

The things we did the memories we had were all just a flake of your lies

I put a smile on to show the world I wasn’t in pain

That smile that was once so bright is now so dim and can be a part of a conflicted hurt

I tried to make things work

I tried not to hate you or this pain

I tried to make things better for me to make me stronger

But no more will I be that person

No more will I ever be that one girl that have been hurt

I will not let you fill my sorrows and take the one thing that has always been mine all along

The only way to do that is to just let it go and let it be

There will be no more second chances nor third or last

I am done and I am never coming back again

I will strive to be the happy person I once was

I will wake up and be strong

This is not the end of me this is just the beginning we will no longer be and us

But just a you and I.



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Pandora’s Box

I said a prayer for you today,

In hopes for the world would let me stay

In my heart I know it true,

A love divine and yet so blue

I cry a tear for every heart,

That has been broken and have done its part

A kiss so tender and yet so sweet,

This can be a lovely treat

In a box is where it lie,

A love so true and that can not be denied

In your arms is where I stand,

Where I belong within your hand

For a love so true,

For me and you…




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My perfect


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From me to you

Was it that hard?

Am I the person I used to know?

Was love suppose to feel this way?

I ask myself this everyday

I close my eyes to see the real me,

But each time I look in the mirror I see the person I did not want to be,

Who am I?

What have I become?

Did the pressure get to me?

The questions in my head just keeps going.

I wake up in the morning hoping that one day someone,

somewhere sees me, the person that I truly want to be.

The person who will see the best of me, the person who will be good to me.

The person that will change who I am.

But little did I know you were the one,

You helped me be me

You found me and you saw the beauty

I was scared to fall in love and now I don’t fear anymore

All I see is us

Answers to all my questions where found

You love me and I love you back

We fell and we found

Because of that I feel alive.

Thank you!




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