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There are days when I hate you

but you know I really don’t

There are times when I really want to be with you

but you just seem like you won’t

There are things I want to say

but the words can’t come out

There are times when all I want is to feel

the things I want to feel

but I’m numb

All I want is to cry

but its all cried out

All I want is to scream

but I’m all screamed out

All I want is just to disappear

because that’s how you make me feel

All that mattered to me was you

but the question is did I ever matter to you?


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If i had known I would fall for you

I should have put my breaks on

If I had known I’ll be thinking of you

The way I do, I should have driven away

If  I had known Iwouldnt be ok

I should have let you walk away

If I had known I’d shed many tears at night

I should have just let it be

My mistake was to let you carry me

In a sea of hope

My mistake was falling for you the way, I have

My mistake was to let you go because you, asked me to

My mistake was not really a mistake

Because I’m still here waiting for you

Because I know its meant to be

Because I know you are meant for me…


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Without you

I go to bed feeling sad

I wake up in the morning with tears in my face

Falling apart slowly

Thinking about you with no sign or a trace

Can’t eat, can’t sleep all I want is us back

It’s hard i know,

The moment you left me my world collapse

I stumble, I fall but through it all

I know that we were meant to be

You tell me you needed space

I gave you that to you

i love you so much it hurts

A bleeding love is what I don’t deserve

Ill be here waiting because I’m loyal to you I’ll be here because that’s what I’ll do.

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heart broken

I thought we were happy

I thought your were proud

now here I am standing into a big crowd

Not one hi, no hello

It hurts me to see you go

I gave you my all, I shared my desires

Now I’m in a pool full of conspire

I stood tall for it all

Just to see this love to fall

I admit I had my flaws

Just thought it would pass your laws

I never knew it just took that one

For you to tell me its all done

You were the one

I knew, I felt, and I dreamt

but I guess I wasn’t enough

to that special person.


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Deep with in

Gather round and all you see

All the things that can never be

You and I are not the same

Two people, two creatures as you see

May have the similarities

Many have differences

But all we see are just the darkness

The darkness that’s within

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How you make me feel

There are times when I could hate you

There are times when all I could do is cry

There are times when all I can see is you

Then that is when I wonder why?

When I think of all the times, the days, the minutes we spent

All that comes to me is just how much I don’t hate you,

But how much I want and need to be with you.

I try not to think of all the days but each thought just makes me

feel just how much I want it all with you.

The life that we could, we would, and we should have

I cry a tear at night not because I don’t like you

But because I love you!

I try to think of those days when you made me complete

but those days were gone.

The biggest fear I have and will always have is to lose you

But all I have to hang on now is my faith in you and how much we

have been though to fight for us.







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When I look into your eyes
I see myself, I see what may lie
When I see your smile
It melts the pain
It feels good inside
When your not around
I feel empty
But, when you come around
Everything around me stops
Everything seems right
Everything makes sense
You make me feel
You make me whole
You fulfilled everything that has been broken
You helped me fall in love
For the first time in a long time
I would never think for once
I could meet someone as great as you
It’s because of you, I smile again

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