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On January 22, 2NE1’sSandaraParkposted photos on her me2DAY page with the comment: “I don’t know. I’m totally lost~! How about my fashion for encore? When receiving an encore, I stand on stage in a free-style look using my unique concert goods. Today I think to utilize the YG Family towel for a new style. How about putting the towel around my neck? On my pants, or around my head? I decided to wear the towel in the popular sheep head shape. I look like Uhm Jung Hwa, don’t I?”

In the photos, SandaraParkhas the YG Family towel around my neck, wearing the sheep head-shaped hat, suggestive of Uh Jung Hwa who came out with “I Don’t Know” in a pair of unique earplug..

People who saw the photos left comments: “Whatever you wear, you look pretty.” “I like such a cheerful girl with lots of bold ideas as SandaraPark.”

2NE1 is planning to attend the 15th YG Family Concert to hold on January 22 at the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo.


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Amid rumors that Wonder Girls’ So Hee is dating 2AM’s Im Seul Ong, JYP Entertainment, Wonder Girls and 2AM’s agency, maintained a cautious attitude toward the rumor, saying that they are currently finding out whether or not it is true.

On January 25, in regards to the rumor about So Hee and Im, a spokesperson for JYP reported to Starnews, “We are currently finding out details of the rumor. As soon as we find out, we will make a statement.”

Big Hit Entertainment, an agency co-managing 2AM with JYP, also reported, “We are currently finding out whether or not the rumor is true.”

In the morning on January 25, a media source reported that So Hee and Im had a date on Christmas last year, and Im gave So Hee a lot of gifts.

So Hee debuted in 2007 as a member of Wonder Girls. Nicknamed “the nation’s sister” because of her cute look, she has been loved by people at all ages.

Im debuted in 2008 as a member of 2AM and has attracted attention with his great voice and handsome face.

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Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young have broken up in six months.

On January 25, The Daily Sports exclusively reported, “It has been found out that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, who started dating in July last year, broke up at the end of the year. Although they broke up last year, they’ve had a hard time to let their agencies know about it until now because they both were considerate of their agencies.”

In regards to this, Kingkong Entertainment, Park’s agency said, “It’s true that Park Min Young has broken up with Lee Min Ho.”

A spokesperson for Kingkong Entertainment said, “It’s a little bit hard to say that they have broken up because they were just getting to know each other when they first confessed that they were dating. They tried to get to know each other better, but their relationship didn’t develop any further from that.”

Lee and Park confessed about their relationship as paparazzi captured and released pictures of their date last year. They both appeared in SBS TV’s drama series City Hunter as lovers and surprised a lot of people later by confessing that they were dating for real.

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ZE:A have topped the charts in several Asian countries.

ZE:A have topped G-Music’s weekly K-pop chart and held a high rank in Five Music’s eZPeer chart in Taiwan with their best album, The Most Powerful ZE:A…Ever!, released on January 6.

ZE:A have gone straight into various music charts and the channel V chart in Japan with their Japanese single album, Daily Daily. And they also topped the Astro Chart’s overseas album chart in Philippines with EXCITING, which includes “Watch Out!!”

Star Empire Entertainment, ZE:A’s agency says, “We concentrated on promotional activities in Japan last year, but in this year, we want to provide fans in other Asian countries with more chances to see ZE:A.”

ZE:A are currently working on their new album to come back to the music scene before the first half of this year ends.

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Girl group SNSD will appear on an American talk show for the first time as a Korean singing group.

On January 25, SNSD’s agency, SM Entertainment, said that SNSD will appear on CBS’s The Late Show with David Letterman on January 31 (local time).

Then they will also appear on ABC’s popular talk show Live! with Kelly on February 1 to perform their song “The Boys.”

The two programs, in which SNSD will appear, are beloved talk shows in the United States.

David Letterman’s show airs every weekday at 11:35 p.m. The show is one of the top three talk shows in the United States along with NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and CONAN with Conan O’brian.

Live! with Kelly is also a popular morning talk show which airs every weekday at 9:00 a.m. The show is considered the next Oprah Winfrey-like show.

A spokesperson for the agency says, “Even though SNSD hasn’t been performing in the States, many popular programs are casting the group after they released their album on January 17.”

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Moo Yul (Lee Dong Wook) held back his tears, encountering Dong Su (Oh Man Suk).

On the 7th episode of Wild Romance, which aired on January 25, Moo Yul visits Dong Su and tries to hold back his tears.

Moo Yul gets disqualified from being a professional player as a result from the scuffle with Se Yoon Lee (Hong Jong Hyun), a worker in a pub.

On the day of his disqualification, Moo Yul visits Dong Su and says, “Don’t hate me.”

He adds, “I know how bad I was, still if you hate me I’d feel I am hopeless,” trying to hold back his tears.

Getting involved in a scuffle and subsequently being hounded by harsh criticisms from people, Moo Yul feels desperate because he is not allowed to play baseball anymore.

Being the only one Moo Yul can rely on, Dong Soo understands him and soothes him.

Getting comfort from Moo Yul, Dong Soo refuses his offer to go inside to talk more and disappears.

Eun Jae (Lee Si Young) and Dong Soo tries everything that allows Moo Yul, who has been disqualified at the moment, to play baseball again.

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Recently, 2PM’s Jun Ho celebrated his 22nd birthday.

Early on January 25, Jun Ho tweeted happily, “It makes me feel great to see snow on my birthday~^^ I hope you start the day with a snow white morning and have a wonderful day!! Thank you all~!!^^”

On hearing his birthday, singer G.Na tweeted jokingly, “Happy Birthday Jjun Ho!! So you’re now…^^; lol” attracting attention.

Jun Ho’s fans tweeted one after another, celebrating his birthday: “Happy birthday my Jun Ho oppa!!!” “Jun Ho oppa happy birthday. I love you!!” “I truly congratulate your birthday~ 2PM forever!”

On March 14, 2PM will release 2PM Best-2008~2011 in Korea which is mainly composed of 2PM’s hit songs.

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