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Pandora’s Box

I said a prayer for you today,

In hopes for the world would let me stay

In my heart I know it true,

A love divine and yet so blue

I cry a tear for every heart,

That has been broken and have done its part

A kiss so tender and yet so sweet,

This can be a lovely treat

In a box is where it lie,

A love so true and that can not be denied

In your arms is where I stand,

Where I belong within your hand

For a love so true,

For me and you…





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My perfect


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If i had known I would fall for you

I should have put my breaks on

If I had known I’ll be thinking of you

The way I do, I should have driven away

If  I had known Iwouldnt be ok

I should have let you walk away

If I had known I’d shed many tears at night

I should have just let it be

My mistake was to let you carry me

In a sea of hope

My mistake was falling for you the way, I have

My mistake was to let you go because you, asked me to

My mistake was not really a mistake

Because I’m still here waiting for you

Because I know its meant to be

Because I know you are meant for me…


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Without you

I go to bed feeling sad

I wake up in the morning with tears in my face

Falling apart slowly

Thinking about you with no sign or a trace

Can’t eat, can’t sleep all I want is us back

It’s hard i know,

The moment you left me my world collapse

I stumble, I fall but through it all

I know that we were meant to be

You tell me you needed space

I gave you that to you

i love you so much it hurts

A bleeding love is what I don’t deserve

Ill be here waiting because I’m loyal to you I’ll be here because that’s what I’ll do.

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