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If I can dream a thousand dreams

what could it be?

If I can wish a thousand wishes

in hopes that there you’ll be with me

If I can reach up into the sky

Just to be with you and watch the time go by

I’d live a life with such glory

in time with you is always plenty

If only time would bring us back

to the time we were all in tact

In your arms where I belong

to say I love you we vowed to stay strong

and in that promise we will keep

all that’s good and this deep


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In love we are

To live a life has its meaning

To share a laugh for a new beginning

One shed of a tear

as you can only hear

In your heart has the answer

Til then you will never part,

To live a life with all its glory

with just one smile it tells a story;

with every air that we take in

we live time and time again

each day I pray that we never part

to hear such words from your loving heart

in your arms I would like to stay

to be with you day by day

In love we are and that’s the truth

tis us alone the me and you.

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Let go

I shed a tear for you today

To feel that it was not worth it all

I tried to make sense of what happened

Although you were at loss for words

It took me this time to realize

What we have become

Its sad, but its true I am so over you!

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If Only

If only I have known 

I would have saved your life

If only I had seen

Then I wouldn’t be feeling the guilt

If only I could see you

Then memories wouldn’t be just memories

If only I can hear your laugh

Then everything will be smiling

If only I can protect you from harm

But I couldn’t, I wasn’t there to help, be with you

If only was “only” just a part of doing

Then things would have been different

If only…

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