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Moon and Star

I’ll be your moon and you’ll be my star 

In the bright night you will twinkle just as you are 

I will shine just the sun above 

To guide you in showing your love 

A piece of me will be shed 

But try your best not to fled 

We will both be together and work our hardest 

Just to prove our love is farthest 

We will share one sky 

So people below us will sigh 

In an awe is how we want 

To share our love will be our greatest stunt 

I’ll shine for you and you twinkle for me 

We’ll smile together in perfect harmony 



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If it were

With eyes wide open,

You lay in the darkness,

Thinking things will never this endless.

You curl into a ball,

In hoping to escape from it all.

In spite of it all you try to see

All the things that can be

You look in the mirror

All you see is a terror

It makes you cry

Cause you try and try

In which of it all you try to deny

All the things you are

All the things you will be

And the one thing you will think of is that shouldn’t be me

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I shed a tear for you today

To hear one word that you will say

It pains me to see

That you and I can not be

In love I trusted all that said

But through it all it was just dead

It makes me sad to see you go

To be in the arms of my foe

I shed a tear for you today

To tell you that you that I will never stay.


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Me and You

I lie awake to see you face

In all the things that won’t be fake

In a love that’s blind

I’m surely behind

All the things that has been going through your mind

In lovers arms we invented glory

In fear of it all we tried a victory

We stood a chance

But that all changed with just one glance

I cry a tear in hoping that you’ll be back

Instead of it all I had to face the fact

I’m glad you did

What you had to do

Because through it all it was for me and you

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All my life I’ve been blind 

to not see what was on my mind 

All the people all the lights 

for you and all  that was never a fright 

I carry you upon my shoulder 

to make me feel like I’m getting stronger 

A promise made til we get older 

In truth that faith will keep us together

To gather a heart as strong as the weather 

To keep us on heart 

that will never be apart 

To cry a tear for you and I 

and hear a cheer or a solemnly sigh 

Together we keep each other warm

In love or hate will keep us from harm

Together, we will start 

a brand new way so we never part

Our love will stay strong

until the very end we will keep our bond


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Set a side the pain of losing the one thing 

that can be known to us as being 

Entrusting that feeling of love 

that is truly and what would have 

From the eyes that seeks 

that is ordinarily weak

In coming to an end

for which we can not comprehend

To endure ones hurt 

that will surely invert 

The justice of one 

that can never be undone



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