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Another "Flower Boy" Drama to Follow "Flower Boys of the Ramen Shop"

Another pretty-boy-themed drama is set to follow in the footsteps of the successful “Flower Boys of the Ramen Shop.” According to local news agencies, tvN, the cable network that broadcasts “Flower Boys of the Ramen Shop” is already planning a follow-up series, tentatively titled “Flower Boy Band: Eye Candy.”

Although the cast has yet to be announced, reports say an idol and a strong actor are strongly considered for lead roles. Two supporting roles may be won by participants of tvN’s reality-competition show, “Oh! Boy Audition.”

The idea of “Flower Boy” dramas comes from the intention to produce content appealing to tvN’s mostly female audience. While most cable stations attract viewership through more edgy content of sex and violence, tvN seeks to differentiate themselves with romantic comedies and eye-catching actors.

“Flower Boy Band: Eye Candy” is aimed at an early 2012 broadcast. 


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Jang Geun Suk Opens Official YouTube Channel

On December 13, Jang Geun Suk opened his own official YouTube channel. The YT channel is to serve as a platform for Jang Geun Suk to share his music videos, live concert footages, and exclusive BTS clips.

“I opened my own YouTube channel to make it easier to communicate with my fans. I’m actively promoting now and I’m excited to be able to share the fun BTS videos of my regular days with the fans. Also, YouTube is fascinating because it allows netizens from around the world to see my videos. I hope to be able to communicate with more fans through my YouTube channel. Please show a lot of support,” Jang Geun Suk said in a statement.

In particular, he’s going to start a YouTube show called “Psycho_j Studio” which gives updates on Jang Geun Suk’s daily lives through BTS shots and exclusive videos. Some of the videos that got uploaded prior to the channel’s official launch saw more than 30,000 clicks, reflecting the explosive popularity of the star that calls himself the “Asia’s Prince.”

Please check out his YouTube channel here (www.youtube.com/PrinceJKS). Enjoy the first opening video below!


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ZE:A to Celebrate Christmas with a Charity Concert

To celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday in a warm and special way with their fans, ZE:A has announced that they will be holding their own charity concert party “NA:NUM 2011” at the Ax-Korea Hall on December 26!

Since their debut, the boys have been consistently volunteering at children’s homes and shelters but decided to take their charity work a step further this year with their fans by opening a charity concert. 

Charity organization “Good People” supported the cause and promised their full help to the members in making it possible. The members worked with the organization in every step of the way so that they would be able to bring in the sponsored help of companies that could provide food and products at a cheaper price.

As it is a party concert, fans are required to attend in a red and white dress code. A tree where fans can leave hand written wishes will also be provided at the front lobby, along with donation booths. 

“Everyone is having a lot of fun preparing for this in hopes of wrapping up their year on a good note. This year is our first, but we plan to make this an annual event,” Star Empire said. 

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  • Seo In Young "I Am the Ruler for Explicitness in the Middle East"
Seo In Young gave advice to younger girl groups about performing in the Middle East. On the December 13 episode of SBS “Strong Heart” she talked about an incident at Abu Dhabi.

She stated, “I recently came back from a Middle East concert. I am not usually nervous, but I was a bit worried that I would be dragged away for being too explicit in such a conservative country. I decided on how much skin I would show by matching Britney Spears who also performed on the same day.”

She continued, “When Britney Spears appeared on stage I was in shock. She had only covered the important areas and came out with nearly nothing on.”

Supposedly, the Middle Eastern police were shocked at the Britney Spears performance and decided that the amount of exposure should be set to Seo In Young’s performance.

Lee Seung Ki stated, “It looks like for girls group that want to perform in the Middle East should use Seo In Young as a ruler to determine how much they can expose.”

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Controversy Around ALi's Self-Composed Song About a Rape Victim

R&B vocalist ALi has recently come under fire for her self-composed and written song, “Nayoungee,” which is based on an actual rape victim. 

In 2008, a man named Cho Doo Soon raped an 8-year old girl in the bathroom stalls of a church. The case was blown up by the media back then and it is still one of the most famous rape crime cases in Korea. The case was actually dubbed as “The Nayoung Case,” coining a pseudonym for the rape victim. 

ALi had included this song in her newly released album, “Soul-Ri.” She wrote the song “Nayoungee” in hopes to give hope and comfort to the victim and to take preventative measures for these kinds of things to never happen again.

However, criticisms began to rain down, starting with the tweet of an actress, Kim Yeo Jin. Kim Yeo Jin tweeted, “Singer ALi, I hope you’ll change the title. This isn’t a song of comfort – it doesn’t even have the basic etiquette.” Afterwards, netizens began to follow and tweeted criticisms about the song, saying, “Why did you have to title the song, ‘Nayoungee,'” “You were short on your thoughts,” “That is not a good idea to name a song in that way,” and so on.

Eventually, ALi and her agency, Trophy Entertainment, decided to delete “Nayoungee” from her album, online and offline. Sources from Trophy Entertainment said, “We are deeply sorry and we apologize for this disgraceful happening. We will be deleting the song, ‘Nayoungee’ on all online music portals and from the offline albums starting from December 14.”

The singer herself also apologized, “First, I would like to sincerely apologize to Nayoung (pseudonym) and Nayoung’s parents. Regardless of intention, it pains my heart to think that this brought up the pain and scars of the past. While preparing for my album, this song was very precious to me but at the same time, I was the most cautious about it. I tried to portray the dark issues of society that aren’t really addressed. And like the part in the song where it goes, ‘Trust your mind,’ I wanted to tell Nayoung to trust herself and to never lose hope.”

ALi continued to say, “Many people have pointed out this particular line of the song, ‘You threw away your youth, selling your body, selling your soul / Your pitiful life has been taken away from you.” I wanted to clarify that this is not about the victim but about the rapist and his shameful criminal mind. However, it is my fault that the lyrics weren’t expressing it’s true meaning.”

Finally, ALi mentioned, “Nayoung, Nayoung’s parents, and all of those who loved me and my music, I would like to hang my head in apology once again for causing a commotion because of an immature mistake on my part. Through this, I have learned many lessons. I will take on these lessons and try to become more mature and develop into a better person in order to make better music. Thank you.”

For those who are curious, here are the lyrics to the entire song:

The sound of the light and wind, falling from the sky
It rides the leaves and it rides the snowstorm

The deep sounds of the ocean from the ends of the earth
It shines on the sun, it shines on the sky

It’s hard even to be alive and to breath
So she waits for the sun to set
She doesn’t try to run away anymore
She stands there and waits for the moon to rise

The gray light that seeps out of a young girl’s wet eyes
You threw away your youth, selling your body, selling your soul
Your pitiful life has been taken away from you

In this dizzy world, when you hope for a warm and brilliant love
Can you feel – can you feel it?
In the soiled heart, when you want a true and pure love
Can you do that – can you do that?

Looking here and there but you still can’t believe in this world
Even if the world flows by so quickly, even if time leaves us
Trust your mind, trust your mind

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Wonder Girls Reveal Their True Height and Weight

Recently, the Wonder Girls guested on MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol Christmas Special,” where they confessed that the measurements on their official profiles were slightly exaggerated.

Yoobin revealed that her height had been slightly altered. Host Jung Hyung Don stated, “Since the info on your profile is pretty old now, you must have gotten taller,” to which Yoobin answered, “My height shrunk. I’m actually 161cm (5’3). I must have shrunk as I got older.” Yoobin’s official profile states that she is 163cm (5’4)tall.

Sunye also confessed, “I’m a little shorter than what’s stated on my profile.” Hyelim added, “My height and weight are a bit different as well. I’m actually a little taller. I’m 165cm (5’5) and I weigh 50kg (110lbs),” surprising even her fellow members.

Even hosts Jung Hyung Don and Defconn were surprised to see the girls so honest and open about their true measurements. The “Weekly Idol Christmas Special,” featuring the Wonder Girls, will air this Saturday, December 17, on 2PM KST.

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SNSD Greets Junior Group with 90 Degree Bow

Recently, a video of SNSD and APink exchanging greetings backstage has made its way through various internet communities. What made the video interesting was the way SNSD greeted APink. As shown in the photos below, APink members bow in a respectful greeting to SNSD, and Sunny and YoonA returned the respect to their hoobaes (juniors) by bowing nearly 90 degrees.

During one of their prior radio interviews, SNSD stated, “The new groups are uncomfortable and uneasy around us. That’s why we greet them in a loud voice and bow 90 degrees. It’s only been four years since we’ve debuted, so we feel we should acknowledge others first rather than wait to be greeted.”

Netizens who’ve seen the video and photos commented, “Wow, they don’t just verbally say hi, but also bow 90 degrees,” “SNSD is well-known for being courteous,”  and “It’s so heartwarming.” 

In related news, SNSD is currently busy promoting “Mr. Taxi” in Korea. They will be releasing their maxi-single of “The Boys” around the world through iTunes on December 20, as well as a special album in the U.S. and Europe on January 17.

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