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Park Shin Hye's Taiwanese Drama to Air in Korea in December

Park Shin Hye’s Korean fans will get to watch her Taiwanese drama “Hayate the Combat Butler” on local TV in December. According to news reports, drama channel Drama Cube has picked up the rights to broadcast the actress’ first Taiwanese series and will begin showing episodes next month.

In “Hayate the Combat Butler,” Park Shin Hye plays an heiress who is constantly under threat of kidnapping due to her family’s fortune. Taiwanese actor George Hu plays the “combat butler” character in the title, whose family is in debt and was contemplating engaging in criminal activities. A certain twist of fate, however, ends with the combat butler saving the heiress’ life instead.

“Many different characters came together for this drama,” Park Shin Hye said. “There are many cute actors in it, too.”

Park Shin Hye shot the drama in Taiwan last year. She went back there earlier in the year, just before the drama aired to promote it and meet her Taiwanese fans. With this Taiwanese series and her signing with a top management agency in Japan, Park Shin Hye is well on the rise as an emerging new generation Hallyu star.


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CN Blue’s agency announced on November 18 that CN Blue was invited to a renowned Japanese music festival, Countdown Japan. The festival is from Dec. 28 to 31 at the International Exhibition Hall, Makuhari Messe.

As a prestigious year-end Japanese rock festival, Countdown Japan features Japan’s most popular music bands. This year, besides CN Blue, about 100 groups are expected to be invited such as ONE OK ROCK, Orange range and Dragon Ash.

The festival has stuck to the principle that it would only include Japan’s music bands. That’s why the decision to invite CN Blue for this year’s event attracted much attention as an unprecedented case.

CN Blue’s members expressed their thoughts on the invitation: “We’re very honored to be part of the festival, as the first foreign band, that has been open only to Japanese bands. We will try not to let down all of you by displaying a fantastic performance on stage of Countdown Japan.”

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Jung Il Woo's Upcoming "High Kick 3" Cameo

Jung Il Woo owes the original “High Kick” series (“The Unstoppable High Kick“) for shooting him to overnight stardom in 2007, and he cameo’d in the sequel series in 2009. Now he’s heading back to the franchise for a cameo in “High Kick 3: Counterattack of the Short Legs,” starring as himself.

Well, kind of but not really. He plays a senior in high school named Il Woo, but I suppose that’s the only similarity to his real self. I’m a little bummed that he isn’t reprising his original character, frankly, because it would be hilarious to see alpha-rebels Yun Ho and Jong Seok in the same classroom trying to out-brood each other, no?

(Also: It would’ve given his best buddy Kim Bum an excuse to join him in the cameo, if they both played their “High Kick 1” characters — which is doubly hilarious because those two characters didn’t really like each other much. Oh, all the things that could have been!)

Like the teenaged Yun Ho harbored a one-sided love for a teacher in the original series, his character in this cameo also falls for an older woman. But this time the age gap is just a wee bit bigger — it’s Yoo Sun whom he falls for at first sight. Ha. Apparently they go on a date and Yoo Sun wears a uniform, the reason for which has yet to be disclosed, which leads me to wonder: How is it that (more or less) happily married Yoo Sun is getting all these dates? First the effete musician man, and now the hot high schooler? Mom’s workin’ some mojo.

Jung Il Woo’s storyline will be featured in the show’s 40th episode, which airs next Monday, November 21.

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SM Entertainment, representative BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, and f(x), will hold a global audition.

SM will hold auditions in 15 cities in 5 countries, including Korea, China, the United States, Canada, and Japan, starting from January 7 through March 24 in 2012. They are looking for the next big entertainer during the auditions.

The auditions will be held in Busan on January 7, Daegu on January 8, Daejeon on January 14, Gwangju on January 15, and in Seoul on January 28 and 29. The Chinese and US auditions will be held in February and the Canadian and Japanese auditions will be held in March.

Since singers from SM Entertainment are very popular all over the world, many people are eagerly anticipating the audition.

The Japanese people are very excited about the auditions because this is the first time SM has held open audition in Japan.

People from any country regardless of sex and age are eligible for the audition and winners will have the opportunity to sign a contract with SM. SM will also cover 100 percent of the cost for the new entertainer.

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"Love Rain" Secures Broadcast Rights in Japan

Jang Geun Suk and SNSD’s YoonA prove their combined star power and new generation Hallyu celebrity status. Their yet-to-be aired drama “Love Rain” has already secured a Japanese broadcaster, according to local news agencies.

Pony Canyon, a subsidiary of Japanese media company Fujisankei Communications Group is reported to have bought the broadcast rights of “Love Rain.” The reports likewise mention that apart from Japan, there are also other countries currently looking into securing broadcast rights for the drama.

“Love Rain” casts Jang Geun Suk and YoonA as young lovers in university in the 1970s, and again as the characters’ children in present times.

“Love Rain” is garnering attention for being the reunion project of director Yoon Suk Ho and writer Oh Soo Yeon, who were the team behind Hallyu dramas “Autumn in My Heart” and “Winter Sonata.” The drama is aimed at an early 2012 broadcast.

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JYP Entertainment To Hold an Open Audition in New Zealand

JYP Entertainment will be holding an open audition in New Zealand on December 10 to scout for the next individual or group to join the team of JYP Nation. The audition will be open to find talents in six fields – vocal, dance, acting, modelling, MC and VJ.

JYP Entertainment has been known for debuting some of the top artists in K-pop including G.O.DRain, Park Ji Yoon, and also top idol groups Wonder Girls2PM2AM and miss A. This will be the first time that JYP will be holding auditions in Australasia. 

Those who pass the auditions will go in as trainees and undergo training at JYP Entertainment in Korea. So go on and try out for the auditions and see if you can make your dream come true! Don’t miss out this opportunity to debut in Korea! Let’s see the next member of JYP’s new group being none other than our own Soompier!

See more information below.

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Tickets for actor Jang Keun Suk’s Japanese concert recently sold out.

On November 17, Jang’s agency, Tree J Company, said that 45,000 tickets for Jang’s exclusive concert, ‘Jang Keun Suk 2011 The Cry Show in Tokyo Dome -The Beginning-’, which will be held on November 26, sold out.

The concert is an upgraded version of the ’2011 Arena Tour’. The concept for the concert is ‘Prince World’ and Jang will invite the audience to the ‘Prince World’ and act as their guide.

Jang’s imaginary Prince World will be described in 3-D as an opening for the concert. The audience will be invited to his bedroom, club, living room, and stage and they will share everything about Jang.

Jang’s friends, including, Big Brother, Joosuc, Verbal Jint, and Park Shin Hye will appear at the concert as guests.

Tree J Company says, “The concert means a lot to Jang’s Japanese fans because the second term of ‘Jang Keun Suk Japan Official Fan Club’ will be launched on December 20. Jang will captivate fans’ hearts once more.”

Jang says, “I think the concert will describe who I am. I will tell different story and give different performances from the previous arena tour.”

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