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Stars Attend "Tod's" Brand Opening Party

Some of the top stars, such as Jung Il Woo, Go Soo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Min Joon, Choi Sung Hyun, Lee Bum Soo and Lee Yoon Jin, attended a clothing brand opening party in their best gear on the night of October 25. 

The “Tod’s” brand opening party was held in the Shinsegae Department Store Millennium Hall at Banpo-dong, Seoul. Tod’s is a male apparel brand and this new branch will be the only one in Korea. 

Check out the photos below:

Loving Jung Il Woo’s fashion here: a fitted blazer (with the popped collar, of course, to show the design underneath), a simple black and white shirt, cropped trousers and gray loafers — topped with an intense gaze.

Contrasting to the photo above, Jung Il Woo with a cute smile and a “V”


Go Soo looks incredibly handsome in a simple gray and black ensemble.


Look at the simplicity and the detail of Go Soo’s gray coat (and his shy smile).


Minimalist fashion always looks great, especially on good-looking actors like Lee Dong Wook.


Lee Dong Wook is asking if he looks okay with some slight facial hair.


Actor Kim Min Joon opts for a more casual look with a plaid shirt, a beige suede jacket and jeans with boots.


Kim Min Joon awkwardly greets the camera!


Choi Sung Hyun trench coat and red clutch captured the eyes of many people.


Couple Lee Yoon Jin and Lee Bum Soo.


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Hidden Details from SM Town's Concert in New York

On Oct. 23, SM Town held a concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York for its world tour, hosting the first ever concert that centered on asian singers as the main event. Popular idol groups such as SNSD,Super Junior, SHINee, f(x), DBSK, and BoA attended to perform. 

During the four hour event, there were some hidden details, as reported by local media Dispatch. Some of them might make you laugh. Let’s take a look, shall we?

DBSK’s Changmin, who sat in the front during the press conference before the concert, was seen wearing a revealing suit. The coat cuts into a deep V-line, exposing his chest. Every time he moved, the inner part of his chest was revealed. From the side especially, his whole upper chest could be seen, and many foreign female reporters enjoyed the view.

When SNSD performed the hit song “Gee”, the members appeared in a sexy white T-shirt and tight skinny jeans. Yuri, however, had her jean zipper opened, and at one point her shirt rolled up a bit, making it even more noticeable. Oops!

Hyoyeon, when walking up the stairs for the press conference, almost tripped over her “kill-heel” shoes. However, because of her fast reflexes, she was able to catch herself at the last second. f(x)’s Luna, upon witnessing this, heaved a sigh of relief after being startled. 

Perhaps the most surprising detail was finding an unexpected face in the crowd. Actress Bae Jong Ok, was spotted in the audience thirty minutes before the start of the concert! She couldn’t keep her eyes off of the stars, who gave a spectacular performance. 

There weren’t only Korean fans at the event. Fans from all over the world crowded to the event, holding out banners and personalized signs. One fan’s sign that read, “SHINee, Noona Loves You” received a lot of attention in the streets. Another fan had personalized Converse sneakers with the words “Super Junior” printed on them. 

Did anyone else attend the concert? Did you see any cool things that weren’t mentioned here? Feel free to share them!

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Singer Kim Hyun Joong recently talked about a time when he ordered one hundred fifty pairs of grey pants.

Kim appeared on the special 100th episode of SBS’s Strong Heart which aired on the 25th, and said, “If I like something I become obsessed with it.”

Kim added, “I like grey pants so I ordered one hundred fifty pairs of them. I had thirty pairs of them at first but I gave them to people and now I only have four pairs. So I ordered them again.”

Kim brought the pants to the studio for MC Lee Seung Gi. He said, “I’m wearing them right now and I brought them for Lee. These pants are nice because they go along with any kinds of clothes.”

Lee tried the pants on right after he received them.

Model Song Kyun Ah made people laugh by saying, “They look like baggy trousers. I think you should not wear the same colored clothes with the pants.”

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Actress Park Han Byul will throw out the first ball for the Korea Series.

On the 26th, Park tweeted a picture with the comment, “I’m on my way to Daegu to throw out the first ball for the Korea Series. I’m practicing throwing the ball at an expressway rest area. It’s my first time wearing a glove and holding the ball. I hope I do a good job. I’m nervous.”

In the picture, Park is wearing a glove and practicing throwing the ball. Her slim body and great posture made people eagerly anticipate her pitching.

People responded: “You have a great figure. You look good.” “I’m looking forward to seeing you throwing out the first pitch.” “Wow, I think you will do a great job.”

Park will throw out the first pitch on the 26th in Daegu for the Korea Series of the ’2011 Lotte Card Pro Baseball’.

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CN Blue's "In My Head" Ranks Fourth on Oricon Weekly Chart

Ater coming in at third place on the Oricon daily chart with their debut Japanese single, “In My Head,” CN Blue is already taking Japan by storm with their debut, as they’ve returned by placing fourth on the Oriconweekly chart!

The album was released on October 19, and according to results released by the Oricon chart on the 26, the band has managed to sell about 71,200 copies of their album so far. In comparison to other fellow Japanese advancements, the number is on the higher end of the scale, proving that the boys are climbing their way up. 

On their first daily, they had sold 34,280 copies, putting them shoulder to shoulder with big names like NMB48,Bump of Chicken, and Kara. Considering their Oricon achievement came just after captivating 7,000 fans at their guerilla concert on top of gathering 14,000 people for their album release event, the achievement is all that much sweeter.

“We were surprised to see the Oricon weekly chart. We were up against a lot of popular artists so we were nervous with our album release. Now, we’re just really thankful for our fans. We’re going to work hard to present more good music in the future,” the members gratefully said.

Congratulations, boys!

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"Dream High 2" Cast to Be Made Up of Trainees

The success of KBS drama “Dream High” definitely has many fans of the hit show on their toes in anticipation for the second season. But producers seem to be taking the drama in a new direction, as they’ve revealed on October 26 that the new cast will be picked from current trainees!

The drama is still co-produced by Key East Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, and instead of bringing back the original cast, the two companies have decided to bring forth their talented trainees to create a new cast of rising stars. 

“We’ll be using the talents amongst our trainees, and they’re currently undergoing missions to begin their auditions. By next month, we’ll have the cast list ready,” officials of the drama disclosed. As for the original cast, they revealed, “They’ll be making cameo appearances at the most.” 

Fans of Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young can also look forward to the two back and acting with the new cast, as it was also revealed that although they won’t have a lot of screentime, they will be taking on characters of bigger impact. 

Filming will begin in December, and the drama will prepare for broadcast in January. The first season of “Dream High” involved some of the hottest idol stars in the industry, including 2PM’s Woo Young and Taecyeon, IU, and miss A’s Suzy. 

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Taiwanese SNSD Wannabes “Super 7” Spark Controversy with Cover Performance at Golden Bell Awards

Super 7, the Taiwanese female group that has been accused of copying SNSD, has stirred up some more controversy lately following their recent performance at the prestigious Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan. The video of their live performance, which was a cover of SNSD’s “Hoot,” shows the group dressed in the same outfit, following the same exact choreography as SNSD—only to be slightly off on some of the moves.

After seeing the video, netizens have questioned the real motive behind Super 7’s cover performance at such an important stage. In a lot of cases, when invited to sing at a big time event, most artists would sing their title track—not someone else’s cover song. Also, Super 7 has been at the center of controversy since their debut for having strikingly similar concepts and looks as SNSD. Netizens are arguing if Super 7 was truly concerned of any negative publicity, they would have been more careful with their song selection. Super 7’s title track,“Mai Luo Suo,” have also been under fire for featuring very similar costumes and overall concepts to that of SNSD’s “Hoot.”

A lot of netizens, including Taiwanese fans, voiced their disapproval as they said, “This is a Taiwanese awards show, not a show in Korea,” “The fact that they couldn’t perform to their own song means they’re not ready to be a true artist,” and “Why did you even debut?”

Founded in 1965, the Golden Bell Awards is an annual Taiwanese TV show award, sponsored by the Taiwanese government. It is one of the most prestigious awards in Taiwan, often called Taiwan’s equivalent to the Emmy Awards.

Here’s the video of their performance. It’s a very close imitation but do you like it?


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