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Jaurim's Kim Yoon Ah Regrets Joining "I Am A Singer."

Kim Yoon Ah, the vocalist of the band Jaurim, regrets joining “I Am A Singer.”

Jaurim recently participated in the recording of Mnet’s “Yoon Do Hyun’s MUST.” Kim Yoon Ah revealed during an interview that Yoon Do Hyun (vocalist of the band YB) encouraged her to join the popular MBC variety show, “I Am A Singer.” In the show, seven singers compete with each other by remaking and covering a popular song. Each week the audience votes on the best singer and after two rounds, the singer with the fewest votes is eliminated from the show. YB, who was the first band on the show, survived the competition from its inception in March to their recent elimination in August.

Kim Yoon Ah stated, “When I was first invited to ‘I Am A Singer’, I did not think Jaurim would fit well in the show. So I consulted with Yoon Do Hyun, who said that if Jaurim participates, it will be fun and lots of good things will happen. So we joined and now we regret it!” She elaborated, bringing laughter to the studio, “As soon as we entered the competition, Yoon Do Hyun just left!”

Yoon Do Hyun responded, “I thought Jaurim’s participation in the show would greatly benefit the interest in Korean band music. This is a behind-the-story fact, but I had only told Kim Yoon Ah about YB’s exit. It turns out she didn’t even tell her own band members!”

Jaurim also revealed that when YB left, everyone was sad. Starting from the previous recording of “I Am A Singer,” Yoon Jong Shin started hosting the show but, as Jaurim jokingly said, Yoon Do Hyun was the better MC.

This episode of “Yoon Do Hyun’s MUST” aired on August 30 and also featured singers Lyn and Lee Seung Yeol of the group U & me blue.


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A Charming Wedding Dress on an Even More Charming Park Bom

On Daum’s Tellzone message board, a photo with the title: “2NE1’s Park Bom Wearing a Wedding Dress” recently emerged. In the picture, Park Bom is seen in a gorgeous wedding dress posing confidently with both arms propped on her waist, all the more accentuating her beauty. Although famous for her cuteness, Park Bom’s charm seems to be elevated with the dress, and her appeal heightened in an elegant and graceful manner. Furthermore, not only did the wonderful wedding dress draw attention in the people’s eyes, but her remarkably slim waistline did as well, accentuating her pose and splendor in the process.

After seeing Park Bom’s picture, numerous comments from netizens appeared, varying from “I think it’s true when people say a girl looks the most beautiful in a wedding dress”, to “Park Bom can announce her wedding right now” and “The dress is absolutely amazing. It goes very well with Park Bom”, as well as “I think the reason for Park Bom going on a diet was to fit in that dress.

Furthermore, Park Bom was seen performing with her sister, cellist Park Goh Eun at 2NE1’s first concert “Nolza” (Let’s play) at Bahngiedong Olympic Park in Seoul on the 28th for the songs “You and I” and “Don’t Cry”.

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Han Hyo Joo Rumored to Star Opposite Jang Geun Suk

Ever since Jang Geun Suk was cast in the upcoming Yoon Suk Ho drama “Love Rides the Rain / Love Rain,” there’s been ruckus over leading ladies, and why shouldn’t there be? There’s probably a line out the door and into the next dimension. And yeah, I know, that picture of him isn’t his current hair. But listen, sometimes a girl just needs to dream.

The strongest contender is rumored to be Han Hyo Joo (“Dong Yi,” “Brilliant Legacy“), who also starred in PD Yoon’s last drama, “Spring Waltz,” which also happened to be her first drama. It would be a stellar lineup all three ways, and I’m sure PD Yoon is clamoring to score a leading lady like Han, who has since become a ratings maven and a melo queen in her own right.

Reportedly he’s particularly happy that Han and Jang are the same age (because on-set rapport can skip past the formalities that way). Hm, I wonder if the search is for one leading lady and not two, means that she’ll play two characters as well? The story takes place in two different time periods — 1970 and now, and Jang is set to play two different characters in each era.

I initially assumed he’d romance two different women in each part because he was playing two unrelated characters who were simply bound together by theme. But this new description makes it sound like the present-day characters are direct descendants of the 70s characters. As in parents in love?… Followed by children in love?… WTF?

Apparently it plays with the idea that love gets passed on through generations. What, like sickle cell anemia?

Sigh. I was hoping that the Season Dramas being a complete set meant that we could move on. Problem is, Yoon PD is working with writer Oh Soo Yeon, who wrote his most famous dramas “Autumn Story” and “Winter Sonata,” and it’ll be their first reunion on a project in ten years. Okay, so I will admit that I watched those dramas like mad way back when, and they were, and still are, indisputably hallmarks of the Hallyu wave. But if they pull that amnesia-sister-leukemia crap NOW? I’m out. Please for the love of dramas, don’t make them play children of parents who were in love. That’s just mean.

“Love Rain” enters production in October and plans to premiere next spring.

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U-KISS Releases "Neverland" Music Video

U-KISS released the music video for their upcoming album’s title track “Neverland”. 

After their single ballad “0330” they are back with a different sound and concept. For this album the title track will be “Neverland“, a fusion of disco driving beat and house sound.

This song is a creation by producer Ryan Jhun of the Marcan Entertainment, Sound Designers Adam Kapitand JD Relic and Misfit, who wrote the lyrics. Ryan Jhun is famous for having worked with SHINeeSuper Junior and DBSK

Their second album, also titled “Neverland”, will be released on September 8. Being the only major male idol group to make a  comeback that in September, they have already received an explosive amount of show appearance requests.  

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Choi Si Won Shows Affection for Lee Si Young at the Beach?

A look at

Super Junior’s Choi Si Won and Lee Si Young first met each other at the beach on the set of upcoming KBS drama “Poseidon,” which is based on a true story. It portrays the real life stories of the Korean marine police.

Actress Lee Si Young and Super Junior’s Choi Si Won, who star in “Poseidon”, met on August 14 while filming. Their great chemistry has earned them the nickname “Ocean Couple”. 

The drama centers around the lives of two Coast Guard members, Sun Woo and Su Yoon. Although the two are members of the Coast Guard, Sun Woo (portrayed by Choi Si Won) serves as a police officer in Goon San, while Su Yoon (portrayed by Lee Si Young) works in the Coast Guard office building. As a result, they do not know of each other’s existence– until one fateful day. 

While reporting for duty, Sun Woo injures his hand and meets Su Yoon by chance. He falls in love at first sight, and tries to charm Su Yoon. With his dazzling smile and charm, Choi Si Won portrays his character Sun Woo perfectly. With puppy dog eyes and adorable charms, he whines about his injured hand, pleading Su Yoon to bandage it. Su Yoon’s reaction to his “little boy” charm will have you laughing out loud.

Their real love story begins when the two work on an unsolved case together. 

With his fresh personality, Choi Si Won always keeps everyone in a good mood during filming. When the staff or fellow cast members call one name, they both answer because the actors have such similar names, (Si Won and Si Young). They often mistake the name for their own, resulting in simultaneous responses. As a result, there is always laughter on the set. 

The anticipation for the drama continues to build as September draws closer. The first episode is set to air on September 19.

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2NE1 to Start Promotions in Japan Tomorrow

YG Entertainment officials have revealed that 2NE1 will be jump starting their Japanese promotions a month ahead of schedule.

2NE1 will be traveling over to Japan on September 1 in preparation of their performance on Asahi TV‘s music program, “Music Station.”  2NE1 will be performing the Japanese version of their hit track, “I Am the Best.” 

After kicking off their promotions with the music program, they’ll be staying in Japan until early October to promote their first mini album and concert.  The group recently completed their first Korean concert on September 26 through 28, and will be carrying over their success to Japan on September 19 through October 2 at the Yokohama Arena, Kobe World Hall, and Chiba Makuhari Mese. 

They’ll be holding a total of six concerts and will be meeting with some 70,000 fans before making what will hopefully be a triumphant return to Korea.

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